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Pentel Fabric Fun Paint Colors (Made in Taiwan)

Pentel Fabric Fun Paint Colors (Made in Taiwan)

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New Fluorescent and Metallic Colors from Fabric Fun Paint Colors!

Pentel's Fabric Fun Paint Colors are a set of bright, odorless, waterproof canvas watercolors for creating personalized designs on fabric. This pigment has excellent absorbency, applies smoothly, dries quickly, and is non-greasy.

To ensure best results, wash the fabric before using Fabric Fun Paint Colors as there may be chemicals or glue on the surface of the fabric that may hinder the absorption of the paint.

You can add water to Fabric Fun Paint Colors to adjust the thickness of the paint. It is recommended to mix with half water, this will ensure a smooth consistency for easy color blending.

After drawing the design, allow the paint to dry for 1 hour and 30 minutes, the color is permanent. Ironing is not required, but ironing will help keep watercolors fade-resistant.

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