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TD19 Ink Back Printing [Somersault Printing] (Within Ø19mm) - Round

TD19 Ink Back Printing [Somersault Printing] (Within Ø19mm) - Round

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👫Order process👭
1) Prepare stamp content (text/pattern)
2) Measure and choose suitable size/color/font (if necessary)/pattern

3) Order and payment
4) Signal/Whatsapp will contact you after receiving the confirmed order
5) Draft review (plus 1 working day) / No draft review
6) After confirming the manuscript, production and delivery will be arranged

relevant color
1) The stamp is only made in one color. Only digital month calendars are available .

2) Effects such as shades, gradients, three-dimensional, dark flowers, and shadows cannot be achieved

about patterns/fonts
1) The patterns provided should pay attention to whether they are copyrighted, and they cannot be used without formal authorization
2) Existing patterns available ---> ( cartoon number.pdf)
3) Common fonts ---> (Common fonts.pdf)

🐷 Delivery
Due to Wuhan pneumonia, our store is temporarily closed to the public.
Confirm the manuscript on the same day, build and ship the next working day # Local Industrial and Commercial District Express (1 working day)
# SF Express (1-2 working days)
# Hong Kong Post surface mail (2-3 working days) 

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If you have any questions about placing an order, please contact us
Signal / Whatsapp : 5931 7084

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