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友誠印務 Yau Shing Printing

TD52 back ink printing [Somersault printing] (within 24x41MM) - rectangle

TD52 back ink printing [Somersault printing] (within 24x41MM) - rectangle

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date color
content color

👫Order process👭
1) Prepare stamp content (text/pattern)
2) Measure and choose suitable size/color/font (if necessary)/pattern

3) Order and payment
4) Signal/Whatsapp will contact you after receiving the confirmed order
5) Draft review (plus 1 working day) / No draft review
6) After confirming the manuscript, production and delivery will be arranged

relevant color
1) The color of the original printing pad is set to red for the date and purple for the content. If the customer requires a different color, an additional $20 is required.

2) Effects such as shades, gradients, three-dimensional, dark flowers, and shadows cannot be achieved

about patterns /fonts
1) The patterns provided should pay attention to whether they are copyrighted, and they cannot be used without formal authorization
2) Existing patterns available ---> ( cartoon number.pdf)
3) Common fonts ---> (Common fonts.pdf)

🐷 Delivery
Due to Wuhan pneumonia, our store is temporarily closed to the public.
Confirm the manuscript on the same day, build and ship the next working day
# Local business district express (1 working day)
# SF Express (1-2 working days)
# Hong Kong Post surface mail (2-3 working days)

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If you have any questions about placing an order, please contact us
Signal / Whatsapp : 5931 7084

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